5 Ways to Leverage Women On Their Way to Develop Your Leaders

5 Ways to Leverage Women On Their Way to Develop Your Leaders

WOTW now offers 5 leadership development products

By Audrey McGuckin, CEO, WOTW - 

Management is not leadership. Leadership needs to be grounded in human centeredness and empathy. Which is to say that leadership is about employee engagement at the human level. Creating psychological safety so that innovation can emerge.

When it comes to women leaders, gender-diverse companies are 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability. That’s why the recruitment, retention and development of women leaders is of utmost importance to organizations. 

When it comes to how you develop women leaders, knowing what drives and inspires each individual woman is key. As a leader you are in charge of offering them experiences that build their skills and help women make tangible, long-term progress.

WOTW has built our product offerings for this very reason. We saw a need in the market to help women leaders accelerate their professional growth and executive presence. What began as a start up has now impacted the lives of tens of thousands of leaders (and many more to come!) 

We also understand that part of leadership development is meeting leaders where they are and that can take several different formats. In our WOTW products, we developed a variety of offerings from in-person to virtual, from individual to group. This variety provides leaders the ability to choose the approach that works best for their women leaders. 

The 5 WOTW talent management and leadership development products now includes: 

  1. WOTW Conference – Developed for managers and individual contributors, the WOTW Conference is a virtual experience held across two half days and curated specifically to teach women leaders of all industries how to best navigate their career paths. This conference sets women up for success by guiding them to greater self awareness and arming them with tools to create a career vision and refine their plan to achieve their dreams. During our two days together, we help unearth limiting behaviors and mindsets so that women can unlock their fullest potential. We have created a space for all women to acquire knowledge and skills they need to help realize their potential and build a road map for success. Our next conference takes place October 18th and November 2nd, 2022.
  2. Navigator I – Developed for director-level women leaders, this program was designed to accelerate professional growth and executive presence, the WOTW Navigator program helps women cultivate the vision and capabilities needed to succeed within their organizations. This one-year, peer-level journey includes, facilitated sessions with renowned speakers, and high-level strategies to foster system intelligence and awareness.
  3. Navigator IIExclusive to executive-level women, this program provides women leaders with the tools and insights to navigate a system stacked against them, experience higher levels of influence, and develop new strategies that take their careers to the next level. Participants learn to illuminate and eliminate old ideas, identify personal pain points, and uncover landmines that often hamper career progression. 
  4. Women’s Leadership Forum - An ongoing peer group that allows participants to illuminate and eliminate old ideas, identify personal pain points, and uncover landmines that often hamper career progression. The program includes monthly half-day meetings in a confidential setting, professional facilitation and coaching, tools and strategies for success, an Annual Forum Summit, as well as access to trusted advisors to support career growth. 
  5. Compass - A corporate consulting solution that tackles gender equity at a systems level by integrating cultural and strategic changes geared to advance women to higher levels of leadership. WOTW Compass helps leaders see, understand, and address the systemic blocks to women’s advancement, staying power, and success. This solution transforms organizations at the systems level to enable more women to succeed with an organization. Compass engages at the executive team level to transform mindsets, build leadership capability and design talent strategies. 


At WOTW, we believe that success comes when changes are made at the systems level. That’s why combining WOTW’s five products is the best approach as it enables companies to invest in women leaders at all levels. WOTW can create a custom solution based on the specific needs of each company. 

If you’re curious to learn more about our products, join a WOTW Learning Session:

WOTW learning sessions summarize the 5 programs WOTW offers to help develop women leaders at all levels of your organization. Free to join, these learning sessions take place bi-weekly with the WOTW Team. 

 Click here to join us for our next WOTW Learning Session. 

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