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Naming your Big Dream

One of the challenges we see when we’re working with our women leaders is they often find it difficult to name their Big Dream and their personal Vision for themselves. In this session, we’ll unpack some of the key ingredients to finding your personal why and purpose. We’ll also explore specific strategies for planning your career, and then we’ll close out this session with how you can leverage your network and connections to triumph in gaining clarity on where you want to go and how you’ll get there.

Facilitated by Audrey McGuckin, CEO, Women On Their Way




Align your personal brand to your destination.

Personal brand development and continuous reinforcement through behavior, energy, and the outcomes you create are the essential building blocks of executive presence. We always say that if you don’t intentionally design your personal brand, someone else will do it for you. To bring your dream to life, your personal brand must align to that aspiration, so others can imagine it as well. This session introduces you to the fundamentals of personal branding through the lens of the Awareness Factor®, a system of noticing and shifting core communication styles, habits, and leadership strengths to build your personal brand and reach your destination.

Facilitated by Phyllis Dealy & Meaghan Benjamin, CEOs/Co - Founders Reinvent the World




Designing your roadmap for success

Once we know our future destination, it’s time to carve out an intentional roadmap to achieve that. We know development is so important to each of our careers, yet so many efforts do not lead to the outcomes we were hoping to achieve. In this session, we will walk through the essentials of great development plans to bring the focus and intentionality you need to achieve your aspirations. We will also discuss the keys to success for engaging your stakeholders in the right conversations to support your developmental journey.

Facilitated by Renni Jessup, Chief Talent Officer, Women On Their Way




Tell your story and communicate in a way that engages others.

How you show up as a leader is rooted in your day-to-day communication style and habits. Building on the personal branding and Awareness Factor® work completed on Day 1, this session introduces you to the techniques of Agile Communication to ensure you are living that brand. We show you how to intentionally and expertly convey executive presence through tone of voice and verbal and nonverbal communication mastery to build your confidence and reinforce your personal brand story.

Facilitated by Phyllis Dealy & Meaghan Benjamin, CEO/Co - Founder Reinvent the World



The motivational speakers and content shined a light on the internal and external shifts I can do to be a better leader! In addition to the speakers being insightful and motivating; the breakout rooms are really exciting. I loved talking to other women, from around the world, who are working to take their thinking, businesses, and carers to the next level. Thank you, thank you, thank you Audrey McGuckin for creating this company and conference!" 

-Nichole Howard, attendee

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