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Women On Their Way Unveils their Year-Long Learning Journey for Women Leaders

Participants experience 12 months of curated content and learning sessions led by experts who help women learn how to navigate the systems that hamper career progression

ST PETERSBURG, Fla., (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Leading talent design innovation firm, McGuckin Group, today unveiled the schedule for and the diverse line-up of experts involved in Women On Their Way Navigator, the first leadership development program for women that provides a systems approach to developing and advancing women leaders. WOTW Navigator is a year-long peer group learning journey that helps participants illuminate and eliminate old ideas, identify personal pain points, and uncover landmines that often hamper career progression. Navigator is open to individual women or to small groups of cohorts from within a company, and the first cohort starts November 16, 2021.

“Most women leader programs are one or two days long, but WOTW Navigator is a year-long journey that will reinvigorate your career, empower you to show up as your full selves, and live the life you want to live,” said Audrey McGuckin, WOTW Founder and CEO. “I’m thrilled to say that we have an incredible and diverse line up of men and women experts who have industry-leading experience in their areas of expertise. It’s going to be an incredible year for our Navigator participants”

WOTW Navigator programming includes:

  • November 2021 - Self Awareness: You, your story, your brand, how to deal with burnout
  • December 2021 - Planning Your Career: Your big dream
  • January 2022 - See The System: Making the invisible visible
  • February 2022 - Avoiding Clumsy Judgement that leads to fatal errors
  • March 2022 - Navigating the System
  • April 2022 - The Confidence to be Authentic
  • May 2022 - The Confidence to be Bold
  • June 2022 - Whole Self
  • July 2022 - WOTW Webinar
  • August 2022 - Agile Communication: Storytelling & executive presence
  • September 2022 - The Leader In You

WOTW Navigator Expert Leaders includes:

  • Audrey McGuckin, WOTW Founder + CEO: Providing Personal Oversight of the Navigator Program and providing deep expertise on how to navigate the system.
  • Meaghan Benjamin Kane, Co-Founder Studio/Reinvent: Covers Agile Communication® for executive leaders – a unique blend of awareness building, adaptable technique, and practical frameworks for leveling up communication effectiveness and influence.
  • Phyllis Schaeffler Dealy, Co-Founder Studio/Reinvent: Covers Agile Communication® for executive leaders – a unique blend of awareness building, adaptable technique, and practical frameworks for leveling up communication effectiveness and influence.
  • Dr. Jaime Kulaga, PhD, LMHC, Life Coach: Covers why burnout is real for leaders and particularly women leaders. Dr. Jaime will share why burnout happens and practical guidance for navigating during this challenging time.
  • Rhonda R. Mims, Corporate Affairs, CSR and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice: Explores why we don’t see the system, the obvious landmines, the weak signals, and systems thinking at the front end.
  • Holly O’Driscoll, Founder & CEO at Ampersand Innovation: Explores the idea of you, your story, your brand, personal authentic leadership, and personal branding.
  • Kevin Williams, Director, Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at American Airlines: Covers the implications of not having clarity, expecting others to notice you, as well as over indexing on expertise.
  • WOTW Navigator Pricing

    The annual fee for WOTW Navigator is $6,900 for director level, and $9,900 for executive level women leaders. The program is open to individual women as well as groups within an organization. Navigator includes 12 months of curated content, learning modules, monthly group sessions, and peer learning. Each year-long cohort includes up to 50 participants, and the first Navigator session begins November 16, 2021. Companies or individuals interested in Navigator can learn more or enroll in the program here.


    Women On Their Way (WOTW) is a premier gender equality and leadership diversity development program designed to improve and accelerate women's advancement. Created by McGuckin Group in 2021, WOTW takes a bottom-up and top-down approach to cultivate female leadership and works with individuals to identify ambitions and improve capabilities. The WOTW team works with organizations to impact system change through mindset and culture shifts and by architecting talent strategies that move the needle on gender equity. More information can be found on LinkedIn or at


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