Introducing Women On Their Way

Introducing Women On Their Way, the First Systems Approach to Developing and Advancing Women Leaders

Created by leading talent design innovation firm, the McGuckin Group, the first annual Women On Their Way (WOTW) program launches November 2021


St Petersburg, FL, October 18, 2021 — Leading talent design innovation firm, McGuckin Group, today unveiled Women On Their Way (WOTW), the first corporate empowerment program for women that provides a systems approach to developing and advancing women leaders. McGuckin Group has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 companies redesign talent and developed WOTW to specifically identify and address the corporate systems that hold women back, while at the same time empowering them.

“Corporations are throwing money at empowerment programs, but real change only happens when you address the systems, while you simultaneously coach women on how to navigate the system and thrive,” said Audrey McGuckin, Founder and CEO of the McGuckin Group. “Time and time again I work with companies who unknowingly work against their own DEI investments. WOTW allows you to stop throwing money at a flawed system and start investing in real change.”

“Outside help brings outside perspectives,” said Don Charron, CEO, Kimball Electronics. “Working with the McGuckin Group brought me a solution that was robust, customized to Kimball culture, and that held me accountable to the journey so that we experienced the full value and impact of the work.”

WOTW offers two programs: Navigator, an individual level, year-long peer development course for women; and Compass, an organizational-level program that identifies and fixes the corporate systems that unknowingly hold women back. The annual fee for WOTW Navigator is $6,900 for director level, and $9,900 for executive level women leaders. The program is open to individual women as well as groups within an organization. Navigator includes 12 months of curated content, learning modules, monthly group sessions, and peer learning. Navigator is led by experts who help women illuminate and eliminate old ideas, identify personal pain points, and uncover the landmines that are hampering their career progression. Each year-long cohort includes up to 50 participants, and the first Navigator session begins November 16, 2021. Companies or individuals interested in Navigator can learn more or enroll in the program here.

“Would you rather spend $100,000+ replacing a woman leader, or invest $7,000 to empower and engage employees? added McGuckin. “Our Navigator participants have chosen to invest and provide ongoing growth for women. I’m so excited to start our journey this November.”

Companies can also expand beyond Navigator with WOTW Compass, a corporate consulting solution that tackles gender equity at a systems level. WOTW Compass helps leaders see, understand, and address the systemic blocks to women’s advancement, staying power, and success. It includes more advanced consulting including blueprint design, leadership coaching for men and women, talent strategy integration, and executive mindset coaching. More information on Compass can be found here.


Women On Their Way (WOTW) is a premier gender inequality and leadership diversity development program designed to improve and accelerate women's advancement. Created by McGuckin Group in 2021, WOTW takes a bottom-up and top-down approach to cultivate female leadership and works with individuals to identify ambitions and improve capabilities.

The WOTW team works with organizations to impact system change through mindset and culture shifts and by architecting talent strategies that move the needle on gender equity.

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The McGuckin Group is a talent design innovation firm that specializes in three services – Talent Strategy, Leadership Development, and DEI. They orchestrate the “Aha Moments” that enable executives to uncover, unlock, and unleash human talent and innate leadership that exists within an organization. From the shop floor to the Executive Suite, the McGuckin Group team has lived and breathed every flavor of corporate culture. They bring an in-house sensibility and a fresh point of view. Consider them the anti-consultancy talent consultancy.

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